Jan 25

How Do Replacement Windows Save Money?

Saving Money With Replacement Windows

save money on windows

Energy Efficient Windows

If your windows are old and drafty, you could be losing most of your heat through them in the winter. In the summer you could be losing all your cool air. Replacement windows keep the heat in your home where it should be. The less heat you need to use, the more money you will save. New windows add value to your home and improve its appearance. They come in a wide range of colors and styles and in many cases can be installed in one day.

How Do Replacement Windows Save Money?

First off, replacement windows will save you money on your utility bills. Most people save up to 20 percent on their utility bills and some people can save as much as 30 percent. Another way replacing your windows saves you money is that you can deduct part of the cost on your taxes.

What To Look For With Replacement Windows

Make sure to research the different brands of windows so you can find the ones that are the most energy efficient. Double pane windows are good, but Low-E glass windows are even better. Low-E windows have a silver coating that blocks dangerous ultraviolet rays and the heat of the sun, which leaves your house cool during the summer months. You can also buy double or triple Low-E windows that are even more energy efficient.

Replacement windows are a great investment and can make your home more comfortable. They pay for themselves over the long run. Be sure to do your research and get more than one estimate. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company is honest and ask your neighbors for suggestions. Some companies promise low prices, but don’t include all the installation costs, which can easily double or even triple the price.

Jan 10

What Are Leaf Guards For Gutters

There are many different types of gutter leaf guards on the market, and each one of them has a specific way to prevent pine needles, leaves and other types of debris from becoming trapped in your gutters and clogging them up. It can be a difficult task trying to unclog your gutters every year manually, and this is why it is best to take the proper preventative measures by choosing the right gutter leaf guards for your house. Once you have learned about the several different types of leaf guards you can select from, you will be educated to choose the best one for your needs.

Leaf Guards Made From Wire, Metal And Plastic

fin type gutter guard

fin type gutter guard

These types of leaf guards operate with a mesh screen that prevents debris from enter the gutter, but will allow rain water to enter the gutter. There are two disadvantages to using these types of leaf guards:

• You will have to maintain the mesh screen by removing excess debris so the screen does not become clogged.
• Depending on how large the holes are in the screen some smaller items of debris may be able to enter into the gutter.

The Fin Type Leaf Guard

Another type of leaf guard that you may consider for your home is the fin leaf guard. This guard has a nose that is rounded and it uses surface adhesion and gravity so it can work properly. The rain flows down the guard, sticks to the cover and then flows into the gutter. The disadvantage of these guards is that even after they have been installed debris can enter into the gutter.

The Foam Leaf Guards

Foam guards work by installing foam inserts into the gutter. Water is able to permeate through the foam, but leaves and other types of debris are not able to pass through. This is one of the most effective ways to keep debris out of your gutters and it is also affordable.

Jan 05

What Is Siding?

siding installer

Siding Being Installed

Siding is the outer covering that is located on houses and other types of buildings to help protect the structures from water damage and other types of weather elements. Siding also provides structures with visual appeal or curb appeal, and it can also help to increase the value of the property.

Different styles of materials can be used to create siding including:

•    Vertical boards
•    Horizontal boards
•    Shingles
•    Sheet materials

It does not matter the type of material that is chosen, they all present the same challenges when the siding is applied to the structure.

The siding must be applied so that it will adequately prevent water and wind from infiltrating the exterior portion of the structure. Overlapping and sealing the joints correctly are other challenges. Creating joints that interlock is another challenge that builders and homeowners face when adding siding to a structure.

Rigid joints in siding are not practical because siding and other materials used in construction are subject to expansion when there are fluctuations in the temperature. Extreme heat or cold and humidity are three factors that can greatly expand the siding that is on a building.

Siding can be created from different types of materials including: wood, vinyl, metal or composite materials. Siding can be applied directly to the structure or it can be attached to the structure via an intermediate or secondary layer. This layer of wood could be plywood, boards or planks.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is very popular and versatile. It can be applied on different types of structures and painted to achieve the desired look.

Installation of wood siding is very easy, but there is a lot of maintenance required with this type of siding due to the type of material it is constructed from. The siding should be treated at least every four years, and may need to be replaced every decade based on the amount and severity of the damage the wood is exposed to.
Wood siding is under constant threat from insects such as termites and ants. The wood should be treated regularly to prevent pest infestation. There are several different types of wood siding:

•    Shingles
•    Clapboards
•    Drop Siding
•    Vertical boards
•    Plywood siding

Plastic Siding

Plastic siding is another type of siding that is often used to mimic wood clapboard siding. The plastic siding units that are used to imitate wood clapboard are often double the height of traditional clapboard. Plastic siding can also mimic wood shingles and shakes as well.

Plastic siding is a manufactured product, and therefore, it is available in many different color choices. Older forms of plastic siding crack, peel and fade over time requiring the installation of new siding every few years.

However, newer choices in plastic siding are more durable and can handle more wear and tear. It is important to remember that vinyl siding is not resistant to heat and should not come into direct contact with heat from barbeque grills or other heat sources.

Siding can instantly update an older home or building by breathing new life into its exterior. This type of covering is available in many different styles, types and material choices. You can give your building the makeover it needs without paying a lot of money out of pocket when choosing siding.

Jan 04

Why Fiber Cement Siding Wins Over Vinyl Siding

James Hardie Panel Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

If it’s been awhile since you looked at re-siding your home, then I would say you’re in for a bit of a surprise. Gone are the days of aluminum and metal siding, the composite wood siding was a failure, and now vinyl and fiber cement like Siding from James Hardie, seem to be taking over. You can still buy most of the different types of siding, as they are still available, and there are still installers happy to install them for you. But, how do you make the right decision for you and your home?

When calling the local siding contractors you’ll notice that they have plenty of information on the types of siding that they install. And, you should also check with experts in remodeling and see what kind of siding that they would put on their own home. You may be surprised by what you hear because cement fiber siding seems to be winning most of the remodeling contractors over. It has a variety of advantages over most the other types of siding. Let’s take a look.

When looking at the initial cost of fiber cement siding you may be taken aback by the higher price, as it does cost more than vinyl. But take a look at the value that you get and I’m sure you’ll see why it has become so popular as of late. The big difference between vinyl and the fiber cement siding is the long term durability of fiber cement. When you take the cost of installation, the siding, and maintenance over time, then divide by the number of years the siding will last, that’s when you see the real difference between the two. When the cost of repairs and the number of repairs, combined with painting, sun damage, and any other factors nature could throw at it, fiber cement wins hands down.

Fiber cement is about five times stronger than vinyl and therefore much more durable, negating the need for repairs from errant baseballs, large hailstones, and even gale force winds, fiber cement wins in every category. Fiber cement is made from a very durable mixture of wood cellulose fibers, sand and cement. Once it’s installed on the side of the house, with the proper backing, it becomes nearly as hard as cement. Fiber cement is also nearly fireproof, as opposed to vinyl, which can melt, burn and ignite enough to eventually burn down your house.

When looking at the color of vinyl versus fiber cement like James Hardie Siding you’ll notice that the color layer on fiber cement is literally a baked on finish, making it nearly fade proof, while vinyl tends to fade from ultraviolet sunlight over time. In tests, fiber cement was shown to be 30% better at maintaining its original color, and texture when compared to vinyl. Because of the nature of fiber cement, being so much thicker, it doesn’t buckle or warp when your house expands and contracts, thereby cutting down on repairs and maintenance due to extreme cold or excessive heat.

These are just a few of the many advantages of fiber cement siding vs vinyl. To make a complete comparison, including prices, visit your local siding installation contractor and see what he has on his home.

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